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calming my nervous system

Calming My Nervous System

Premium Health Coaching Packages

Discover techniques to calm anxious thoughts, allow your body to rest and repair itself, and experience a fully empowered mind-body-soul connection. 

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Watch this short video to discover more about the Calming My Nervous System Premium Coaching Package

Calming My Nervous System is a coaching package designed for individuals who want to learn evidence based techniques to sooth their anxiety driven minds, allow their bodies to rest and repair, and experience fully empowered mind-body-soul connection. 

If you are frustrated and tired of spending most of your precious energy on worry and fear about your health, relationships and work...

and you feel like you've tried everything you're "supposed" to do to feel better...

...then Calming My Nervous System coaching package is exactly the right next step towards your true empowerment and vitality.


A Personal Invitation

My Dear Nervous Soul,

I know how much you want to contribute to the world, to your family/friends/career...

You crave an empowered, healthy mind and body that feels nourished and strong- so that you have the energy and gumption it takes to serve others with your gifts and abilities. But your worries and your fears hold you back.

You have been locked in your own mind and your body is beginning to suffer as well. 

You're exhausted and frustrated that despite everything you've tried, your worries and fears seem to ruin even the most beautiful experiences. 

In short: 

You want nothing more than to have a sense of control over your own mind and experiences of life's pleasures and challenges. 

The problem is:

You lay awake at night worrying about all the ways you could screw things up, even things you know you can't control. You've tried everything you can logically think of to make the negative thoughts go away.

Maybe you:

- already see the signs of stress on your body; you're aging quickly, you have physical pains, you have medical conditions that don't have a clear cause, you've gained weight...

- dread social situations because you worry you're not good/fun/interesting/etc enough 

-never really feel safe and constantly feel on edge

-at best feel bored at work; at worst work feels stressful and overwhelming. It's definitely not as fulfilling as it used to be

-rarely feel pleasure and you realize you turn to addictions like food or alcohol for comfort


You realize if you keep going this way, things are likely to get worse before they get better. 


I have good news...

You don't have to give up, or continue to live this way forever. You can build the internal resources you need to live a calm, vital and purpose-driven life.

You can have:

  • the ability to focus your energy productively and passionately into work and relationships
  • the ability to choose how to respond to any given situation in a way that feels true and authentic to you
  • better sleep, allowing your body to rest and repair itself so that it stays healthy and beautiful
  • the ability to stay in the present moment and to connect fully to others and your experiences
  • the ability to choose to play, laugh and enjoy your sense of humor when life goes out of control

And most of all...

To fully engage with life on your terms, free from anxiety and suffering.


My name is Becky Palmer, and I know exactly how the darkness of anxiety, worry and fear feel myself. I would love to show you the way out, if you're ready. 

As a healthcare professional, former military officer, and trained coach- I help people like you transform fear into the focused energy and calmness they desire. 

I know what you're going through right now.

When I started out in health care I was constantly anxious that I wasn't doing the right thing and that I was doing it all wrong. I had a vision of helping people, of being of service, and of promoting healing and wellness. 

But the truth was, once I graduated, the pressure and stress of my work and relationships slowly began to deteriorate my health. The stress built up physically in my body, specifically in my jaw. It was to the point where my TMJ was so inflamed and painful I could barely chew. The doctors all said it was related to stress...

But I didn't "feel" stressed. Sure, I had sleepless nights and anxious days- but didn't everyone? It wasn't like I could complain- I had a bright future ahead of me...

After the breakdown of a really important relationship, I was forced to take a step back and really examine my life. I thought...

"There has to be a way to feel my true power." But how?

I studied. I studied functional medicine to get to the root cause of disease and found out 90% of them are directly related to stress.  I became an expert in stress and resiliency. I also studied myself. I spent a lot of money, over 30K, on my own self development. I learned how to feel, how to validate my emotions, how to surrender control, how to transform my health, and how to connect deeply with my body and with others. 

Fast forward to today...

My life looks very different. I feel a sense of calmness. I feel empowered to respond to life rather than react subconsciously. I choose where I want to direct my energy. I enjoy playful/passionate/ and fun-filled relationships and experiences. I tap into "flow state" and my productivity at work soars.


Well that's easy! Because I believe in your gifts and abilities, and I want to see them fully expressed in the world- not held back by worry and fear. I want to see you in a happy, beautiful and proud body. I want to see you have fulfilling experiences at work and in relationships. I want to see your mind/body/soul thrive! I want to live in a world full of happy, healthy humans!


What can I expect from Calm My Nervous System Coaching Package?

- one-on-one professional coaching sessions 

- a structured program packed with evidence based techniques and resources that set you up to succeed

-colossal personal development with results on your terms

Modules/ Lessons


Your most important take-aways will be:


Develop mindset practices and evidence based techniques that serve you. Leave behind old programming, conditioning, blocks and excuses to discover a whole new side of yourself: empowered and unstoppable.  Through coaching and making connections, we literally create new pathways in the brain that serve you. 


Develop a close and personal relationship with your body so that you can anticipate and deliver your body's needs; relax, rest, repair, nutrition, supplements and movement.  This lets you achieve optimal physical wellness, beauty and confidence. 


Learn to respond to people and situations instead of react. Fully understand your emotions so that you can work with them, and guide them in the direction YOU want them to go. 


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Your desire to help the world is inside you for a reason. Your drive to serve and make a difference is vital for your own health and the health of this planet. You'll gain support and accountability in cultivating your aspirations and desires


We're all born to give and receive love. You're not meant to go through life alone. We will honor your unique, authentic, and brilliant self- so that you can see it more clearly and then so can others. 


Personal growth doesn't have to be all work and no play. It can also be fun! Often, when we finally recognize a thought or belief that has been bossing us around for so long, it's ridiculous and hilariously funny! Humor is healing, and we will definitely laugh a lot along the way. 

In coaching sessions with me, you get:



  • 5 modules that build on each other in sequence
  • evidence based techniques, education and insight on how to calm your nervous system
  • journal prompts, exercises, and insights - all customized to suit your busy life
  • up to 6 months of coaching support through calls, texting and e-mail 
  • flexible schedule to meet your time and scheduling requirements


  • feel seen, heard and deeply nourished in our 1:1 coaching calls
  • new neuropathways can be built in one session. Homework and exercises are assigned to practice new healthy habits over time, deepening the groove of those new neuropathways
  • support and accountability you need to reinforce lasting transformations
  • a safe space to gently reflect on patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you


What happens after you apply?


After you apply, indicating you are interested in the Calming My Nervous System Coaching Package, we will set up a time to chat and get to know each other. This is important to see if we are a good fit for working together. Before you commit to this life-change process, I want to make sure I can 100% help you achieve the results you desire and deserve. 

This session is approx 30 minutes and is complimentary. 

What makes this program unique?


Calm My Nervous System is no ordinary coaching package. It's a transformational deep-dive into how to empower your own mind/body/soul connection. 

It's an inside job to build resiliency, to create a road-map of your psyche, and to position yourself to succeed.

You'll leave with practical tools for calming your nervous system;  including practices, evidence based knowledge, supportive self-coaching techniques, and deep personal insights. You will fall in love with you. 

There is plenty of advice out there that can help you, but none of those modalities take the time to really listen to you, hear you and support you in bursting through the blocks/fears/worries that are holding you back from having what you really want. If you don't do the deep and authentic work of the soul first, none of the tactics and strategies that claim to reduce stress/anxiety will make a difference. 

When you receive coaching, you'll also connect with the deepest part of yourself- the part that has probably been hiding and self-protecting for quite a long time. Once you also reconnect with the brilliant and empowered side of yourself, you'll be able to move past the fear and lean on your inner strengths when you are presented with opportunities and challenges. 

My Promise to you

In these packages, you'll get more than great information and knowledge. You'll experience a transformation in increasing your emotional wealth and a NEW awareness of your true power. 

You'll leave knowing you have the internal resources you need to calm your nervous system whenever and where-ever you want, without a doubt!

Is Calm My Nervous System Coaching Package for You?


Calming your nervous system is within your reach if:

  • you're sick and tired of sleepless nights and days ruined by worries/fears
  • you're ready to commit to the transformational work it takes to create lasting change
  • you want to give back and serve using your talents and abilities- and to have the energy and self confidence to do so
  • you fully understand that your thoughts and actions are highly linked to your success

Unfortunately this program is NOT for you if:

  • your heart isn't into doing the work
  • you're indecisive or non-committal
  • you are more comfortable blaming others than wanting to understand the role you play
  • you're skeptical about investing in yourself
  • you'd rather just keep things how they are and hope they get better magically on their own 
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What happens if I don't take action now?

You can totally keep going at it alone and...

- continue to lay awake all night worrying
- continue to watch your body wear down, leading to pain and illness
- spend your precious energy on worry, fear and negative thought patterns instead of your passions and those you love
- never really feel safe in your own body
- continue to over-analyze, worry and hold back in situations that would otherwise be fun and exciting
- feel unfulfilled at work
- turn more and more to food, alcohol and other vices for comfort
- be at the mercy of your reactions with no real sense of control over your thoughts and behaviors
- constantly live in the past or the future, never fully enjoying the present moment
- continue to be plagued with resentment, anger, fear and hurt

Or you can put an end to the struggling and join my program- where I'll guide you into learning how to expertly calm your nervous system on YOUR terms.

For Questions and to Book an exploratory session, contact me today!

Talk soon,

Becky Palmer




New doors were opened for me, after my sessions with Becky, that were never even in view for me before.
Counselling wasn’t new to me - I have experienced a few different counsellors that were all great and did their part at the time, however, I never had the lasting impact that I have noticed with Becky’s coaching. The obvious “problems” that I was trying to target were much more deeply hidden than I would have ever guessed. Becky helped me to find these and work through them in my own time - with just a little direction and support that lead me there when I was ready to see it. I quickly noticed after that things that used to trigger my anxiety and make me recoil, no longer had that effect on me. She taught me the skills to identify these feelings and work through them, which is invaluable to me!- A.
— - A.
Becky was able to see past the surface and help me to uncover the emotional traumas impacting my daily life. She has a natural ability to hold space for people when they are at their most vulnerable. I’d been trying to make changes on the surface level with minimal success, finding myself back in the same creative and personal blocks. With her help I have and continue to experience the holistic growth necessary to living an authentic life.- E.
— -J.