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Client Reviews & Testimonials


*names have been changed to protect privacy

Here is what one of them has to say about working with me... 

1. What specifically did you want before coming into coaching with me?

I felt that I was repeatedly making the same mistakes in relationships. Although my mind was starting to see some of the toxic patterns that I was falling into, I felt powerless to be able to stop or change them. I really wanted to figure that out.

Romantic relationships aside, I felt like I had so many good and amazing things going on in my life but I wasn’t really getting enjoyment out of them, rather I was in this cycle of set a goal, achieve it and then move on to the next without enjoying anything.


2. How did you come to know about me?
(Facebook, friend, Instagram, workshop, etc)

A good friend of mine who had some similar experiences had just finished a round of coaching with Becky and recommended her to me.

3. What wasn't working (money, health, love)?

Money and health was flowing really well but love was not. A lot of my relationships were strained – definitely romantic ones but even ones with my immediate family and friends.

4. Why did you hire me when you did? What was the turning point for you?

I turned to Becky right after my first relationship post-divorce followed the exact same pattern as my failed marriage. At this point I realized I needed help from someone who specialized in this type of work.

5. Who else were you considering hiring? Who am I similar to? What else were you considering doing to solve the issue?

No one really, you were the perfect fit for what I was trying to work through.

6. What results did you experience (money, health, love)?

I found love! 

Hate to be cheesy but it was romantic love which I was looking for which and definitely found.

What was life changing for me was
the self-love that I found. That has been what has fulfilled me every single day, more than any relationship with another person could have given me. I now feel confident in my own skin, I don’t feel the need to control every aspect of my life; I have so much faith and hope now.

7. What specifically did I do that catalyzed your success?

I could go on and one about the tools, concepts and work that we did in the sessions that helped me.

I think the two biggest things that helped me were understanding manifestation and how to practically apply it to myself and the balance between feminine and masculine energy. The manifestation piece is what helped me with faith and hope in my future and really helped me
understand my power. 

Understanding feminine and masculine energy is what helped me find peace in every moment, I don’t think when I came to see you that I understood how unbalanced I was and I certainly did not have the ability to lean into either energy depending on what was going to serve me in
the moment. 

Those two concepts have changed the way that I live and approach all aspects of my life.

8. What did you love about our sessions together? What did you love about the weekly emails? What
didn't you love?

Overall I loved the format of both the sessions and the emails. I found it helpful to have the topics in the emails as a starting point but I was also free to bring up anything that was coming up for me in the moment. I wish I would have thought about recording our sessions earlier on in the process because
often times we worked through so much in that hour that I felt like I could revisit some issues or some thoughts that came up for me. I LOVED sending you emails before our sessions to catch you up on my life, it was probably the thing that helped me process everything going on but also kick started me into the habit of journaling everyday – which has been life changing within itself.


"How coaching with Becky has changed my life and set my husband and I up to build our empire together!" 

"Becky was able to see past the surface and help me to uncover the emotional traumas impacting my daily life. I’d been trying to make changes on a creative and personal level and kept finding myself stuck in the same patterns. Becky helped me to reconnect with my feeling body and emotions that had been suppressed for a long time. She has a natural ability to hold space for people when they are at their most vulnerable. With her support, I have and continue to experience the holistic growth necessary to living an authentic life."

- JL



"I met Becky last fall and instantly clicked. I felt when I met Becky, she could see right through me and was able to put into words things I was experiencing and struggling to articulate. Becky started coaching me and working with me to help break me down and build me up and it was such a different approach. She has no problem saying what you need to hear and calling your bluffs. Working with Becky, I have reached new depths in my marriage, I have sparked a greater passion in my purpose with work, achieved greater clarity and I have most importantly started to really feel and appreciate all the wonderful things happening in my life as they are happening. Most importantly I feel more like my self than I ever have and am excited by my evolution and continued growth. She is wonderful!"

- SK



"I cannot more highly recommend Becky as a coach for emotional and relationship issues. Her drive in life is to support, and push everyone in her care to grow and thrive. She is wise beyond her years, and has a unique ability to put pressure on the root of problems. She has helped me immensely in the few months that I've known her, and am grateful for her purposeful guidance and ongoing support."

- GP



"Working with Becky has been a total game changer! Her intuition catalyzed my personal growth and the connection in my relationship. Her coaching goes far beyond one-on-one sessions; she provides resources so that you can take your progress to a whole new level. 
Becky is a wealth of knowledge. She has equipped me with the tools to feel empowered and her holistic approach has helped me to take all areas of my life to the next level. If you are looking to pursue a more fulfilled, happy life I highly recommend connecting with this lovely lady!"

- JD 


"I cannot say enough good things about Becky's coaching. She is a person that not only has a gift but works hard to understand her clients and how to best help them. 
I'd seen a number of other coaches and counselors before Becky, but none were able to help me implement lasting changes. 
Becky not only asked better questions, but also let me do the work and discover the answers for myself at my own pace. Would highly recommend working with Becky if you want to understand yourself or your partner better and have a happier, more connected life."

- DU



" I like to refer to Becky as my personal magical unicorn; one that I am quite eager to share with the world. She has an amazing gift for holding space and encouraging deeper self-reflection. She is guiding me to clearly identify my goals and to formulate a path to realizing my deepest desires. I have been enthusiastically overwhelmed with the positive results from the short time we have worked together, and I know we are just starting to scratch the surface. Here's to a bigger, better, and brighter future! xo"

- KR 




"Ms. Palmer is one of the reasons my marriage is still alive. One of the best people we know!"

- WW



"This woman will be the best interaction you've ever made. Whether you're having marriage troubles or are struggling finding your own personal happiness, 1 hr interacting with Becky will leave you feeling lighter, motivated, and excited for tomorrow. Whether I'm feeling a little lost, or confused by a present situation; she's always my go-to."

- NS



""New doors were opened for me, after my sessions with Becky, that were never even in view for me before. Counselling wasn't new to me- I have experienced a few different counselors that were all great and did their part at the time, however, I never had the lasting impact that I have noticed with Becky's coaching. The obvious "problems" that I was trying to target were much more deeply hidden than I would have ever guessed. Becky helped me find these and work through them in my own time- with just a little direction and support that led me there when I was ready to see it. She taught me the skills to identify my feelings and work through them, which is invaluable to me!"


“Since starting to work with Becky, my ability to be in a more accepting and understanding relationship with myself and my life has been my greatest takeaway... let alone in how to relate to others more intimately. The straightforward language Becky uses and her ability to simplify the complexities of relationships is astounding. Learning the natural state of harmony that exists innately between masculine and feminine energy has empowered me to my core. When problems arise I feel equipped to restore the natural state of balance; there is a depth to this understanding that feels fundamental and foundational, profound. I feel set free within the tumultuous tides of my life and I owe much of this to Becky's support and guiding hand. I have not met many who lead with such strength and conviction and who can balance it beautifully with lighthearted play.”