Bringing out the natural brilliance of your mind, body and heart


How would Health Coaching help me?



Anxiety and Worry don't have to run the show. 

Anxiety and depression are so common today. Although, I'm pretty sure we don't have  Prozac or Zoloft deficiencies. If negative thought patterns can spin you down into sleepless nights and tearful days, there must be a way to spin back up.  Having a coach to help you examine your thoughts and beliefs is a way to rewire your brain back into  neurotransmitter balance. 


Being truly heard is healing. 

You might think it's strange to hear a pharmacist say "less medication"!  However, our medical system has taken the "hearing" out of healing. Having someone truly pay attention and listen to you is a missing ingredient in health care today.  Having a coach to listen closely to your goals, believe in you,  keep you accountable, and give you the tools and resources you need to make lasting changes is just as important as medication. 


Every relationship needs a tune-up. 

No one tells us how hard relationships are.  We may even assume that other people need to change in order to make us happy. The truth is the only person we can change is ourselves and this can be tough to accomplish on our own. Having a coach can provide the gentle mirror you need to clean up your side of the street in your relationships. Introspective work, self-love, and approval are all skills you can learn that will make your relationships fulfilling and exciting. 

Coaching Packages


Great Sex!

Low libido is sometimes a hormonal issue, an emotional issue, or both. 
Modules 1 & 2
- 6 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions
 - reconnect to your sex and orgasm
 - feel safe communicating what you want
 - reclaim pleasure


A Body that Feels So Good!

We set goals and resolutions to eat healthy and lose weight, and then shortly become discouraged and unmotivated. 

- set achievable, personalized goals
- accountability, support and understanding
- number of 1:1 sessions depends on your goal (usually 6-8 sessions over 2 months) 


Passion at Work!

Unfortunately our health care system sometimes sets us up to fail. We become jaded and disconnected from our bodies.We get caught up in the perfectionism that may have gotten us to where we are, but now it's causing anxiety and unhappiness in our otherwise successful lives.

- re-connection to inner passionate
- re-alignment with purpose
- rediscover compassion for self and others
- heal from burn-out
- number of 1:1 coaching sessions varies


Quit Smoking!

It has been proven that person to person coaching over 4 or more sessions leads to greater success in quitting smoking for good!

GOAL: Quit smoking for good with the support of a health coach who knows science!

Get Over 


Break-ups are the worst. They chew you up and spit you out.

GOAL: Reclaiming my identity, my self-esteem, and my hope for the future is so much easier with support of a health coach!   

Find Purpose and Fulfillment! 

Everything in your life looks really good on paper, but something still feels empty and missing on the inside. 

GOAL: Hire a coach who can help me dive deep into this spiritual journey of finding my essential self, purpose, creativity, joy, and desires. 

How does coaching work?

My approach to health coaching involves a combination of motivational interviewing, examining beliefs, expanding consciousness, integrating new knowledge and exquisite attention. 

Here are some specific characteristics of coaching: 

- motivation to change behaviour is elicited from you, and not imposed from without
- we examine readiness to change and find approval for where we are, and where we want to go
- we examine ambivalence and decide how to resolve it
- the coach- client relationship is a partnership more than an expert/recipient role 

Strategies focus on:
- understanding your typical lifestyle, perspectives, and barriers to change
- providing specific information, tools, and resources based on your situation or concerns
- eliciting further concerns and assisting with decision making
-supporting your self- sufficiency