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about becky



Becky is an experienced Health Care Professional, Health Coach, and OM trainer.  She started her career in the Canadian military as an officer, and then went on to specialize in personalized compounding pharmacy.  

Getting to the root cause of disease is her passion, and she is confident that changing negative belief patterns is more effective and sustainable for treating chronic diseases than many medications alone. 

She has a natural talent for seeing the root cause of dysfunction in relationship connections. She gently offers techniques and strategies that change belief patterns and reconnect people to their relationships, bodies and inner-power. 

She has complimented her training by participating in several coaching programs through an organization called OneTaste and is a certified Integrative Health Coach.

She is a gifted and skillful listener, motivator, teacher, and coach.

Re-connected Relationship
 action-plan session

Together we will create a personalized plan to get what you desire in your connections. 

This call is for anyone who is ready to have POWERFUL, connected relationships  

  15 to 45 minutes of POWER planning!

Becky Palmer