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Disconnection can feel devastating.

Have you knowingly or unknowingly disconnected from an aspect of your life? Your body? Your partner? Your job? Your friends? Your own heart?

Connection is our main source of fuel.

Healthy connections lift us up, inspire us, allow our bodies and minds to relax and heal. Connection allows life to flourish.

How do you know when you're disconnected? Here are the signs and symptoms:


1. life feels flat, gray and boring

2. you dread social situations because small talk is the worst

3. you never feel safe enough to say how you really feel, or to be fully honest 

4. work is unfulfilling and you feel trapped

5. you wish your loved ones understood you, paid attention to you

6. you wish you knew how to have the sex you actually want, instead of what's been offered

7. you feel like you're aging and losing your beauty, this is terrifying

8. the only pleasure you feel is through food or booze or shopping

9. your body is in more pain these days:
cramps, tension, sleepless nights, frequent colds - are beginning to be your normal

10. you over-analyze and worry about everything

11. you feel resentment oscillating with yearning in pretty much every relationship

You realize that if you keep going this way,
things will continue to get worse before they get better.


Let's make them better.


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