Bringing out the natural brilliance of your mind, body and heart



becky palmer

What is a Health & Relationship Coach?

What Becky can help with:

  • getting unstuck and moving forward

  • managing work/life balance effectively

  • renewing and energizing your important goals & desires

  • reconciling success and feeling fulfilled

  • being present

  • putting dreams into action

  • bringing your health & relationships to then next level

  • conquering self sabatoge

  • contributing to the wellbeing of your family & community

  • learning self-love & self-worth

  • stopping the settling of ‘good enough’

  • turning on your ‘magnet’

What is Brilliance?

“The state of being when a person thinks, feels, and acts from their inner source of radiance, aligning themselves with the unlimited potential as it exists within them.” - Amy Lombardo

  • Brilliance is innate, it’s already within you and our job is to uncover it.

  • Trials and challenges in life help us burn away the impurities that block your brilliance.

  • Brilliance is not created, it is revealed.

  • And when you become brilliant once again, everyone around you benefits.

  • Everyone can access their brilliance.

What blocks brilliance?

  • lack of information/ tools/ support

  • uncertainty (fear)

  • lack of encouragement and community (societal pressures)

  • demonization of pain (numbing out behaviours)

  • prioritizing instant gratification (playing the short game)