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Secrets of the Universe



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Cut through the confusion and overwhelm, avoid unnecessary emotional pain and have the health, body, life and relationships you want.

"This woman will be the best interaction you've ever made. Whether you're having marriage troubles or are struggling finding your own personal happiness, 1 hr interacting with Becky will leave you feeling lighter, motivated, and excited for tomorrow. Whether I'm feeling a little lost, or confused by a present situation; she's always my go-to."
- Emily S. 


Remembering the LIFE-HACKS that make the Game of Life FUN

OR How to free yourself from relationship pain to experience the juiciest, richest life possible. To awaken. To make a difference in the world. 


  • you're a powerful, intelligent woman and you feel like you're putting your life is on hold; waiting for the weekend, the next promotion, vacation...
  • you love being in relationships, and you know you're a good person. Yet you have a deep desire to navigate the distance that miscommunication creates?
  • you crave quality attention and want to feel closer and heard/seen by others?
  • you're tired of feeling lonely and misunderstood? 
  • you are brave and willing, yet being truly vulnerable with another feels very scary so you avoid it?
  • you find yourself bursting into tears or being impatient with loved ones, unable to express what you really want?
  • you intuitively know that if you keep doing what you're doing, the distrustful resentments may take over and prevent your happiness?

As a Health & Relationship Coach, pharmacist and retired military officer, I've seen and experienced my fair share of relationship problems and breakdowns. I also see the science behind how relationships happiness correlates to better health and fulfillment. 

It's no wonder people are confused. We are so often given mixed messages.  On one hand, we're told as women to be assertive and strong, to compete with men. On the other hand we're told to be small, quiet and submissive. 

As often is the case with polarized issues, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Through extensive study and self-development research, I've come to understand the complexity and nuance of how successful relationships function.

I want to share my knowledge with you, so that together we can heal ourselves, our relationships, our families, and the entire world. 

"Ms. Palmer is one of the reasons my marriage is still alive. One of the best people we know!" - Jon W.

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Weekly  Content Includes:

Super Sexy Root-Cause Research

  • debunk common myths about relationships
  • identify the root cause your core beliefs and secondary gains that keep you stuck
  • rediscover the basics of your own mind-body-heart connection and how it affects your relationship health 
  • remember the importance of pleasure and enjoyment, and the way they prime you for relationship success!

Deep Dive into Desires

  • identify your deep desires and the fears that follow
  • retrain your brain to get what you want
  • learn valuable communication tools that get you results
  • learn how to cultivate your intuition to guide you in the direction you want to go!

Boundaries, Barriers & Blocks

  • learn types of patterns and problems that hold you back
  • practice specific methods that change your belief patterns
  • clarify your "hard No's" and boundaries in your relationships
  • train yourself to face your fears and watch your confidence soar!

 Putting it All Together
Your Inner Brilliance Master Game Plan

  • design your best practice, personal "how to" guide for yourself and your relationships
  • develop your own personal relationship "dos and don'ts" that empower you
  • create, embody and integrate a mission statement that anchors you in bliss
  • practice positive self-reflection and celebrate the progress you've made!


How to reclaim your mind-body connection, heal trauma and feel more pleasure in your body

How making 'approval' your go-to secret weapon has it that everyone loves you

How union of your internal masculine and feminine is the real secret manifestation process

How to turn shame, resentment and anger into power and creative fuel for your business

How to hack into 'flow state' and live fully in the present moment where you belong, rather than anxiously checked-out in the past and future

This last secret rule is a mystery on purpose. You are invited to join Becky’s secret FB group to discover this one for yourself;)

"I've spent thousands of hours and dollars so that you don't have to"

After 6 weeks in this secret FB group,
you will know -> -> ->
6 secret LIFE-HACKS
that make the Game of Life FUN

  • how to excavate and cultivate exactly what you want from your relationships, your health, your job and your life
  • what problems and patterns are holding you back, and what to do about them
  • the reason for the emotional roller-coaster, and how to get off
  • communication tools that work
  • how to ask for what you want, so that it feels good for others to give to you
  • the little-known causes of relationship and health breakdown and how to prevent it
  • healthy and happy relationship "do's and don'ts"

"Becky was able to see past the surface and help me to uncover the emotional traumas impacting my daily life. I’d been trying to make changes on a creative and personal level and kept finding myself stuck in the same patterns. Becky helped me to reconnect with my feeling body and emotions that had been suppressed for a long time. She has a natural ability to hold space for people when they are at their most vulnerable. With her support, I have and continue to experience the holistic growth necessary to living an authentic life."
- Jenna H.

I've created this secret FB group to offer you a clear perspective on how to make your relationships, health and life work FOR you. Over the past 31 years, I've had my heart shattered, spent countless hours obsessing over the science of functional medicine and the mind-body-heart connection, consulted numerous experts in the health & relationship field, and challenged every belief I had about myself, health, life purpose and relating

Now I want to share what I've learned with you, so that you can make smart decisions and have the tools to be the powerful woman I know already lives within you. 

There is no other FB group like this, and the information I cover in this program has been hand picked and selected to save you time, money and more heartache.  I've spent thousands of hours and dollars researching and testing all of this valuable information so that you don't have to. This program will help you access your inner  brilliance by following concise, practical and actionable planning guidelines
- customized by you, for you. 

In fact, after 6 weeks in this FB group, you'll know more about yourself and relationships than 95% of people on the planet. 
This isn't because people aren't smart or capable, it's because this type of information isn't taught in school, and can be overwhelming to sort through on your own. It's hard to know- what we don't know!

But you DO know something has got to change, or you'll keep getting what you've gotten. 

"You instinctively know that if you keep doing what you've been doing, your relationships will not get better"

Secrets of the Universe is a 6  Week Course,
with live content delivered each week -> -> ->

  • full access to 6 weeks of FB live classes and recordings
  • the chance to ask questions live
  • participate at your comfort level
  • remember the 6 Life- Hacks that make the game of life fun
  • join in with a community of hand-selected women with similar struggles and triumphs as you
  • have access to an expert in health and relationships

I've had my fair share of the emotional roller-coaster, heartbreak and relationship problems. In large, because of poor advice from well-meaning friends and family, and my own lack of awareness, I learned most things the hard way. I don't think this has to be the way for you.

That's why I'm so excited to offer you the Secrets of the Universe FB group for

Here's how it works. Register today to get instant access to the  secret FB group. It's easy, simple and fun! Most importantly, it will launch you into the direction of the relationship and life you've been craving. It's all right here for you, let's unlock it together. 

That's a heck of a deal for a program that will change your relationships forever!

"I like to refer to Becky as my personal magical unicorn; one that I am quite eager to share with the world. She has an amazing gift for holding space and encouraging deeper self-reflection. She is guiding me to clearly identify my goals and to formulate a path to realizing my deepest desires. I have been enthusiastically overwhelmed with the positive results from the short time we have worked together, and I know we are just starting to scratch the surface. Here's to a bigger, better, and brighter future! xo" - Shannon R. 






"New doors were opened for me, after my sessions with Becky, that were never even in view for me before. Counselling wasn't new to me- I have experienced a few different counselors that were all great and did their part at the time, however, I never had the lasting impact that I have noticed with Becky's coaching. The obvious "problems" that I was trying to target were much more deeply hidden than I would have ever guessed. Becky helped me find these and work through them in my own time- with just a little direction and support that led me there when I was ready to see it. She taught me the skills to identify my feelings and work through them, which is invaluable to me!" - April M.