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Real Talk

Women are given such mixed messages by society when it comes to communicating effectively.

There are so many different rules, it can be challenging to keep track. How to talk to co-workers, women, how to best communicate with men, with children, with your mom, with your sister, how to flirt, when not to flirt... All these situations have slightly different algorithms and nuances that require attention and insight to master.

We've all have communication disasters.

I have had them at work, with female bosses telling me "the tone of my emails are too pushy".

I've had them with my mother, where she frustrates me to the point of explosion followed immediately by uncomfortable guilt.

I've had them with my friends, where something I've said cuts them to the core, and I had no idea.

I've had them with men, where I think I'm being flirtatious and fun and I come off as mean or thoughtless.

I've had them in partnerships, where the hurt feelings last for days and eventually lead to the disintegration of the entire relationship.

I've had all the issues you can have with communication and I've examined them from every angle. I've studied psychology. I've taken courses in motivational interviewing. My profession involves counselling and coaching. I've unraveled my patterns in AA. I know when Mercury is in retrograde, and how to buffer for it. I've cleared my 5th throat chakra. I've cleaned out my 3rd house. I've taken Toast Masters and I've given hundreds of presentations, I teach. I profess. I love with an open heart. I've learned how to speak my truth honestly, in real time and in a way that lands with others.

There is a way forward. Through hiding, through staying quiet, through tense silences, through disagreements, through sneaky denial, through gas-lighting, through dissociation, through withholding, through covert agreements, through emotional suppression, through in-authenticity...

Towards standing tall and proud in your truth, towards being open, vulnerable and connectable. Towards being heard and seen. Towards true understanding of self and others. Towards health in mind, body and heart. Towards more opportunity for growth and wealth.

The practical applications are endless:

* writing emails that persuade and charm your bosses and co-workers leading to promotions and prosperity at work
* knowing and speaking your true desires with your partner, leading to better sex, more intimacy, and more fulfillment in your relationship
* speaking to your children in a way that has them respond and cooperate with you, leading to peace in the home
* healing your personal traumas and your ancestral inheritances, leading to a healthier- happier legacy for your family

I only work with women that I like. I'm a consultant and coach who has mastered communication and connection of all types. Working with me gives you the tools you need to:

* communicate with your body and have the best physical and sexual health
* master your mind-body connection and heal the anxiety, trauma and stress that is keeping you stuck
* deeply connect to your purpose, desires and dreams that keep you moving forward and feeling joyfully alive
* intimately connect to your loved ones in a way that feels whole, healthy and fulfilling

To see if you qualify, send me a message

Becky Palmer