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I experienced trauma when my husband called me from over-seas and told me it was over.

My heart exploded into a thousand tiny shards of pain and shame, splattering against the walls and floor around me. At first I was in total denial. Then anger. Then grief. Then the whole cycle would repeat itself. For months.

For months I couldn’t sleep. My jaw ached. My whole body felt like I had died a million deaths. I couldn’t eat or concentrate.

Concentration is necessary for pharmacists; lives are on the line. My compassionate boss gave me time off. Only a week though, so I knew I had to do something drastic in order to pick out the shrapnel and crawl forward.

How could this happen to me? I’m a catch. I’m smart. I have my stuff together. I’m pretty. How can such a terrible thing happen to a good person? My friends and family were also shell-shocked. Life can be so chaotic. It didn’t make any sense.

When my heart cracked open, I intuitively knew something had to change. NOW. Something drastic. I pleaded with my mind for answers. Crickets. My heart, body, jaw were in so much pain. It forced me to wake up and pay attention to my BODY. Every moment felt like survival. What next?

Intuitively I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I went to counselling. I devoured every self-help book I could find. I used my health care back ground to search for answers. I found them. Over time, and with a lot of help, I figured out the root of my anguish.

Following the toll and stress this particular trauma took on my body, I traced it back further. To developmental trauma. My historical trauma. The way my body adapted to danger and fear as a child. The lifesaver at the time was to control and fix. Danger! Danger! Control and fix! My emotions: control and fix. My self worth: control and fix. As a child, it worked. It got me out of danger.

In my adult relationships, it did not. It only led to more things to control and fix. Resentment. The ultimate abandonment.

Our bodies create the lifesavers as children, but they expire in adulthood. They leak air over time and loose buoyancy. We start to sink…

My body used pain to help me wake up and pay attention. So I did. I listened. I knew I had to do something radically different from what the mainstream medical system prescribed. I didn’t want to put a band aid on my problems, I wanted solutions.

I hired a health and relationship coach to help me. I spent a lot of money (close to 30K in the end).

Coaching helped me see how my body is working FOR me, and not against me. Coaching helped me learn how to listen to my intuition, my heart, my sensations and how that leads to physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual healing.

Coaching gave me the oxytocin boost I needed to feel calmer, more relaxed and present. Each session I was seen, held with presence, accepted and approved of in a way that nourished and filled me up.

Coaching helped me figure out how to integrate my goals, passions, desires and complexities into MY life in a way that worked for ME.

Coaching gave me long lasting change and transformations I’m still reaping to this day. I'm on path with more love, more intimacy, more health, more inspiration, more creativity, more presence and more joy than I had ever thought possible.

I also learned, through being coached that I also have a talent for coaching and a desire to help others heal using the coaching and mentoring process. A process that uses connection and attention to get to the root cause of suffering, pain, chronic issues and relationship problems. A process I’ve now successful used with so many clients (click here to see my client reviews

MESSAGE ME if you’re interested in healing your body, yourself and your relationships. We can discuss how to turn the apparent poison of trauma into medicine.

The first call is exploratory and free. We decide if we are a good match for working together. We decide if now is the time for you to invest fully in your own healing, health and happiness.

I believe now must be the time. The stakes are high, and nothing changes without effort; if you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you got.

I invested 30K in myself and what I discovered was priceless. I want to bring you the opportunity for the same invaluable insight and transformations I’ve had, at a fraction of that cost.

I believe it’s your time. Let’s get started. Message me and we will set up your first free call. It’s time to heal your trauma, your stress, your triggers, your health and your relationships.


Becky Palmer