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Coaching Package Options


Coaching Package Themes

All coaching packages with Becky include weekly sessions, weekly emails, educational material, and priceless emotional support.



For Women: Mind-Body Mastery

  • deeply connect to your own life in the present moment

  • authentically believe in your self-worth

  • get what you've been yearning for 

  • radiate love, power and femininity 

The Alchemy of Healing

The Alchemy of Healing

For Health : The Alchemy of Healing

  • respond proactively to health challenges

  • learn to listen to your body's intuitive wisdom

  • heal trauma and addiction

  • integrate healthy habits

Power Couples

Power Couples

For Couples: Power Couples

  • alchemize fears, anxieties and conflicts into intimate love

  • cultivate your erotic connection 

  • have the best communication possible

  • transform your relationship into your most generative asset