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1. You’re unstoppable together, in reaching your goals
(you’re finally ready to have a baby or buy a house together, or start a new business)

2. You generate positivity not only for each other (I’m talking super hot sex, fun and laughter)

but your relationship also inspires positivity in literally everyone around you
(your relationship with your mother, your sister, your boss, your co-workers- all get drastically better)

3. You both experience a huge amount of satisfaction and fulfillment in your day to day lives
(You are happier at home, so you’re happier at work, leading to more opportunity, raises and financial gains)

THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE coaching package is a deep dive adventure in emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical metamorphosis.

Couples are often understandably hesitant to believe me when I make huge, crazy claims like
THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE coaching package will RADICALLY CHANGE your tired relationship into the super HOT, super SPIRITUAL, super CONNECTED relationship of your DREAMS.”

And I get it, I know it’s a huge promise of transformation to make for a 9-session coaching package, delivered by someone you barely know (God knows the counselor you barely knew didn’t work out).

It also might be possible that you have a feeling, a hunch, a calling towards massive radical positive change within your relationship. (Despite the hopelessness that you’ve tried everything already, and the fear that maybe this is just how relationships are).

Because I know this to be true. I know that if you decide to do the work, show up, and learn the skills I will teach you, you will experience a massive positive shift in the experience of your relationship. Because this is the work of emotional metamorphosis.

By the end of THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE, you will have reached a previously un-imagined level of deep connection in your relationship- allowing you to stand proud, knowing that you’ve achieved the relationship of your wildest, hottest dreams!

BY PUTTING THIS OFF, you risk the likely chance that your relationship will continue down the road it’s currently going. If it already feels stagnant, frustrating, and energy-depleting, there is a very real risk that this will continue to get worse. Those unconscious negative belief patterns cannot change without your skilled attention, and they will continue to cause destruction, mayhem and powerlessness in your relationship.

If this is okay with you, being THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE is NOT for you.

I feel confident making such claims about THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE coaching package because of the results people have already experienced when working with me.

As you read the testimonial statements below, I invite you to go ahead and wonder…

…what kind of profound, positive, super hot, super spiritual, and super connected relationship changes could be on your horizon if you dive into this work with me?

What folks are saying about my relationship coaching:

LOVE & SEX-”I feel like now is the first time in my whole life I have actually been experiencing love. Not just some weird lust or romance or entanglement but actually deep and nourishing love” – Carly H.

HAPPINESS- "New doors were opened for me, after my sessions with Becky, that were never even in view for me before. Counselling wasn't new to me- I have experienced a few different counselors that were all great and did their part at the time, however, I never had the lasting impact that I have noticed with Becky's coaching” – April M. 

SATISFACTION IN LIFE- “ Becky has an amazing gift for holding space and encouraging deeper self-reflection. She is guiding me to clearly identify my goals and to formulate a path to realizing my deepest desires. I have been enthusiastically overwhelmed with the positive results from the short time we have
worked together, and I know we are just starting to scratch the surface”-
Shannon R. 

HEALING- ”Becky helped me to reconnect with my feeling body and emotions that had been suppressed for a long time. She has a natural ability to hold space for people when they are at their most vulnerable. With her support, I have and continue to experience the holistic growth necessary to living an authentic life." -Jenna H.

I currently have room for 4 new couples this month, and I fill up fast. I invite you to book a 30 minute exploratory call with me to learn more about how you too can be a SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE.

SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE is a 9-session coaching package delivered in person or over Skype. The cost of the package is similar to a week-long vacation down south…

…except the impressive benefits of THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE coaching package will last you your WHOLE LIFE, and you can’t say that about most drunken trips to Cancun.

To get a taste of what I mean, go ahead and notice the aspects of your relationship you don’t like.

Maybe it’s the way you hold back on telling him the truth, letting it simmer and boil until you explode with rage over some minor incident, causing him to withdraw and check out, leaving you both resentful and lonely.

Maybe it’s the way he “forgets” to take out the trash AGAIN, leaving you angry and powerless, wondering if he even cares about you.

Maybe it’s the way you used to have hot, passionate sex twice a day, and now you’re too exhausted because-well- life. And when he does try to initiate, he makes you feel guilty and angry because he mopes that you’re “rejecting him”, and you “never want to have sex anymore”, and “are you even attracted to him”, and…you know the rest…

It’s all available to you.

The Super Connected Couple coaching package

with Becky Palmer, Health & Relationship Coach

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The main tool we’ll be working with in THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE hacks into our mind-body connection, rapidly integrating the conscious and unconscious minds, reconnecting you to the power within yourself AND THEREFORE SUPERCHARGING THE PATHWAY BACK TOWARDS EACH OTHER.

Hacking into the mind-body science and spirituality of consciousness works to turn you into THE SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE because through various specific applications (which we will cover in depth) it unites the parts of you that have long been at war within yourself, and therefore have been the cause of the battle between the two of you.

Interrupting these long-standing negative patterns makes a truly HOT and ASTONISHING CONNECTION possible in your relationship.

Are any of these patterns reruns of other relationships, earlier in your life, that also caused you pain, grief and loneliness?

Why do these negative patterns and fights keep showing up for you over and over again?

To make a long story short, these negative patterns exist in your own unconscious,
the opposite of your conscious personality or awareness.
Putting skilled attention on these patterns disrupts the negativity and sets you FREE from them.

By teaching you some basic skills, the very same energy that is currently creating havoc and misery in your relationship can be used instead to generate HOT SEX, SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS, CO-CREATIVE BRILLIANCE, and POWER to CHOOSE and to SEE the abundant beauty that exists in both of you.

So the very same relationship that has previously brought it’s fair share of frustration and heartache,
now blesses you generously.

I currently have room for 4 new couples this month, and I fill up fast. I invite you to book a 30 minute exploratory call with me this week to get to know me, and learn more about how you too can be a SUPER CONNECTED COUPLE.