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Science of Magic Workshop

  • The Two Twenty 220 20th Street West Saskatoon, SK, S7M 0W9 Canada (map)


Based on principles and philosophies of the health sciences, psychology, astrology, alchemy, meditation and manifestation processes

*The science and healing powers of the mind- body connection
*The art of desire and getting what you want
*Making friends with everyday fears and anxieties
*Communicating with your body, your soul and others

*An in-depth look at your personality based on your North Node astrology
*Discovering the polarities and dichotomies that exist within you
*Clearing out old emotional baggage for good
*The meditation and manifestation processes that really work

By joining this workshop, you will learn:

*How to communicate with your body and use your mind- body connection for health and healing
*How unconscious polarities and dichotomies in your belief system block you from having the things you want, including harmonious relationships
*How to hack into the present moment for more fulfillment, enjoyment and flow in your everyday life
*How to tap into exactly what you want and why that’s so powerful
*How to have a better relationship with addictions to food
*How to communicate with your partner to get what you want in a way that feels good for both of you
*How to manifest magic in your everyday life

This Workshop group is for you if you:

*know there is more to the world than meets the eye
*are bored with how things are and want more magic in your life
*are willing to explore yourself and the world
*have achieved a lot in life but you're sick of the rat race
*are experiencing symptoms of stress in your body like weight gain, IBS, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, etc...
*want to get more in touch with your femininity
*want to have more fun and ease in your relationships
*want a hot and healthy body
*want to feel more present and prosperous

What you get:

*Deep insight on your personality based on your astrology, including a detailed report on your North Node
*Access to your own mind-body connection
*Daily practices to integrate new knowledge
*Meet like-minded people and the opportunity to lean on your sisterhood and community
*Communication tools that enable you to feel heard and understood
*An Introduction booklet with all information you need to review and prepare your questions for the workshop

Who am I? 

My name is Becky Palmer. I’m a pharmacist, coach, retired military officer and advocate for all things relationship. As a Libra, with and Aries North Node I have spent decades studying medicine, physical and mental health, trauma, psychology and astrology to understand the complexities of our human relationship dynamics. 

Everything I teach I have tried on myself first. I don’t just regurgitate from a textbook. I have spent thousands of dollars learning; I’ve sweated, I’ve cried, I’ve succeeded, I’ve grown. If I teach it- I’ve tried it and I know it works. 


Price: $120.00 CA for a full day of magic, learning and laughing

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